2018 Natchez Trace Bicycle Tour - Mississippi

Experience the southern charm of southwestern-central Mississippi riding the Natchez Trace Parkway and rural roads in the vicinity of the Trace. The Trace has long been a vital conduit for Southern Pride and offers outstanding cycling opportunities.We will experience 165 miles of this paradise for cyclists known as the Natchez Trace; a two-lined paved roadway through the most beautiful parts of Mississippi including Ridgeland, Port Gibson, and Natchez. We will cycle another 120 miles off Trace as we experience the communities that gave rise to the enduring charm of Southern hospitality, including Ridgeland, Vicksburg and Rocky Springs. You’ll enjoy the authentic cuisine of the region and the unique culture of the American South. The area is also a favorite of both US Civil War and antebellum home enthusiasts with an abundance of history from the early days of Native American and European influences along the Trace and Mississippi River.

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