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biketernity specializes in planning customized trips worldwide

We will tailor an itinerary to include the sites you most want to see so your experience meets, or exceeds, your expectations. We are experienced in designing custom bike tours for groups of 4 or more riders anywhere in the lower 48 states. BIKEternity can build a customized bike tour from an existing itinerary or from scratch. You may want to coordinate your tour around a special event or add off-the-bike excursions. We can offer inn-to-inn, camping, and combination tours where we design the route for you and make all the arrangements. We carry your luggage between each overnight location. You can choose to eat in restaurants, prepare your own meals, our have your meals prepared for you by our on-tour caterer.

What are the steps to planning a custom bicycle tour?

step 1:

Request for Proposal: 

Four to six months prior to your desired departure date, simply contact BIKEternity to start creating your ideal journey - we can also often accommodate on a much shorter time frame, so don’t hesitate to inquire. 

Your itinerary will be tailored to your specifications - such as the number of bicycle travelers in your party, your desired departure date, length of journey, budget, and of course, destination. Please remember to share any special considerations or restrictions with us during your initial call so we can plan your journey accordingly. 

Step 2 and 3:

Proposal Response:

BIKEternity will then follow up to give you an estimated cost for your journey and confirm you are ready to move on to the planning stage. This initial discussion will help you determine whether BIKEternity is best suited to meet your bicycle travel needs and expectations. 

Planning Stage

Your custom designed bicycle tour will be designed to include a minimum of two nights with your choice of accommodations, private transportation and the expertise of local guides - a BIKEternity Tour Guide can also be part of your journey, if you wish. 


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Leave a message with us if you are ready to start planning, want to bounce a trip idea off of us, or need a question answered. We promise to get back to you promptly!

Call us: (860) 428-9301

BIKEternity provided the very best customer service ever! I ended up calling them "CONCIERGE ON WHEELS!" -Laura Gorman