Your Bike or Rental Bike

Not sure what bike is best for a tour? We can help. The bike you ride at home is already properly fitted to your body. Bringing your own bike can eliminate some of the issues you have experienced on a bike not fitted exactly to your specifications.

We recommend using Bike Flights, a very reputable bike shipping company that uses your Local Bike Shops to properly pack and ship your bike to a Local Bike Shop we have selected at your start/end location for your trip. We will pick up your bike and have it ready for your trip. At the end of your trip, we will bring your bike to a Local Bike Shop to have it repacked and shipped home to you. It really is an easy and reliable process. We are happy to assist you in arranging your bike shipment


Most of our tours will have an option of renting a bicycle at a Local Bike Shop we have selected at the start location of your trip. There are usually hybrid and road bike options. E-Bikes are also available. Due to the current pandemic the quantity of rental bikes and eBikes are limited and sometimes non-existent. Reach out to us to determine availability for your trip at the time of your signup. If you are renting a bike we always suggest you bring your own bike seat and pedals for a more comfortable fit.