Why BIKEternity

Welcome to BIKEternity where you can realize your bicycling dreams.

Our need to share the joy of cycling with others has led us to plan and organize logistics for day excursion rides, weekend overnights, week-long trips, and cross country trips. While on a bike tour, the world unfolds in ways that you never expect but that you appreciate and savor long after you're back home. The bicycle is a wonderful transportation device and discovery machine that can move you from place to place without making you feel like you’ve skipped anything in-between.

At BIKEternity, we focus on the in-between experiences when planning trips. Our tours provide authentic local adventures abroad and in the lower 48 states for every fitness level, even if you are a just-beginning-to-get-back-in-shape-rider. BIKEternity will take care of the planning and transporting of bags. You merely need to pick a trip that conforms to your time constraints, budget, and accommodation preferences. Now get ready to be delighted and surprised while building self-esteem and excavating stress with each pedal stroke.