Bike Touring with a Bike Friday Trailer

Bike Touring with a Bike Friday Trailer

January 23, 2020

We Love Our Bike Friday Bike and Trailer

The Bike Friday is the ultimate travel bike for long-distance, short distance, bike overnights, and commuting around town. The bike fits nicely inside an airline regulation size Samsonite hardshell suitcase for easy travel, allowing you to take your Bike Friday anywhere in the world for the price of an airline luggage fee.

Here are the latest luggage fees for 2020: Delta Air Lines | American Airlines | Alaska Airlines | Southwest Airlines (free) | United Airlines

Easy to access your gear during the day. Here I’m grabbing my lunch out of the case/trailer and then using it as a comfortable place to sit. Notice my softshell bag with my clothes in it. Storing your clothes in a softshell bag makes it easy to grab the bag if the trailer is too large to fit in the hotel room. Most Hotels have a place to store the trailer if you need to.


How Does the Bike Friday Trailer Work?

The real beauty of this system is the ability to convert the suitcase into a trailer. The trailer comes apart and also fits into the case with the bike.

I pack all my gear into a duffel bag and the bike in the case. At my destination, I can take the bike out of the case, attach the trailer, and then put my gear in the trailer to travel. I’ve even done this at an airport and then ridden right out of the airport to begin an awesome bike tour adventure. This is particularly handy on point to point tours. Other things I like about the suitcase/trailer: It’s attached to the bike using a pneumatic airhose coupling. It attaches quickly and easily, and it allows the trailer to move independently from the bike (no tail wagging the dog situation!!) The case is waterproof, and easy-to-pack and find your gear in; unhook 3 latches and stuff everything in there.

I carry extra water in the case. I have a kick stand on my Bike Friday so I don’t have to find a wall to lean it up against anything.

The utility of the Bike Friday trailer is infinite! Hauling firewood back to camp, or a wind blocker!! You can fit a lot of beer in there too:)


On many tours we’ve led, the case becomes our food locker at night, raccoons haven’t figured out how to open one yet!


    Hot day along the Douro River in Portugal. Notice how the Bike Friday trailer flexes at it’s hitch.


    The trailer is slightly offset to handle any road, shoulder, or sidewalk.


    Me belongings are safe and stored away.  Here I am taking a little nap as we wait for the ferry in Puerto Rico.


    Your “luggage” is always on wheels!! The trailer makes it easy to get all your belongings in and out of the hotel.


    This is my ultimate packing list for touring with my Bike Friday Trailer

    I can fit all these items with the bike inside the Bike Friday travel case—keeping expenses down. Our bike tour budget doesn't include oversized baggage fees or shuttle costs because we can ride directly out of any airport and start our tour.

    • 3 Bike Shirts
    • 3 Bike Shorts
    • Two outfits for after riding, I layer my outfits to be able to use in multiple ways.
    • A thin wool shirt is good for any temperature, it’s a great wicking material.
    • Rain gear/Vest
    • Arm warmers (if needed)
    • Leg warmers or long cycling pants(if needed)
    • Socks (I also bring Seal Skin socks for colder rainy days)
    • Gloves/mittens and Hat (if needed)
    • Warmer coat for sitting around after biking (if needed)
    • 2 insulated water bottles
    • Patch Kits and 20” tube
    • Multi-tool


    Riding directly out of the Shannon Airport to begin a tour in Ireland.

    How to build your own Bike Friday Trailer:

    1) Bike Friday Travelcase

    2) Bike Friday Trailer Kit

        Taking a pit stop at the bike shop in Puerto Rico to fix my bike computer. The ease of removing the trailer made it easy for a quick mechanical check. Remember to pack a 20” tube because they are hard to find in some bike shops when traveling.

        Thank you, Michelle Mathieu-Scott and her husband Rich for sharing their Bike Friday trailer wisdom with us. Learn more about Michelle here.

        Have questions? Just leave them in the comments below. 

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